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Where Rubber Meets the Road: Interview with U.S. House Candidate Jonathan Lamb | The Bank Teller

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Where Rubber Meets the Road: Interview with U.S. House Candidate Jonathan Lamb

March 2, 2018    

Running for office is a challenging endeavor for political newcomers and seasoned campaign veterans alike. Running a successful campaign often requires an entrepreneurial spirit – which is exactly what is embodied by Jonathan Lamb, a first-time candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Indiana’s Sixth District.

We caught up with Jonathan at this year’s Congress of Counties in Indianapolis. Jonathan is an experienced entrepreneur and published economist who says his faith “led” him to seek public office.

Here’s more from PoliticalBank’s conversation with Jonathan:

Jonathan grew up in Delaware County, Indiana, and considers himself a “Reagan Kid of the 80’s.” His interest in politics started budding at home with debates at the dinner table. “The whole Lamb side of my family are hard core Republicans,” says Jonathan, “However, my aunt married a New Yorker and I can remember Grandpa Lamb and my Uncle Barry sparring back and forth. It was like watching Fox News before Fox News was Fox News!”

Beyond dinner conversations, Jonathan caught the political bug during the 2000 election  cycle. “I was a big supporter of John McCain in the primary and loved the ‘Straight Talk Express.’ “After George Bush won the primary, the drama of Bush v. Gore and the hanging chad sucked me into the drama of politics.”

Jonathan also has a passion for economics and entrepreneurship. After earning his degree from Ball State, he worked as a commodity trader where he oversaw a multi-billion dollar book of business, entrepreneur, and author. “I just finished writing my first book after more than two year of research and writing called Economics is Like Sex: Common Sense Thinking For Better Decisions Through the Taboo Topics of Money, Budgets and Trade. (NOTE: Jonathan’s book is now available on Amazon and will be released in bookstores nationwide this spring.)

For Jonathan, the best way of learning is by doing. “I’ve started seven companies, exited five of them and I am still running two of those.” When asked what book every entrepreneur should read, Jonathan replied “There are good books, but nothing can prepare you like putting the rubber on the road and actually starting a company.”

Jonathan never viewed himself as a “politician.” Instead, he says that others gave him the idea to run and his faith took-over from there. “I was encouraged to run by several economic professors at Ball State, where I sit on the Economic Advisory Board. I remember that first conversation, which totally caught me off guard.” But, he says, that conversation was well timed. “As a small business owner and economist I had been growing concerned about the dysfunction in Washington and direction that our country is heading. It just felt right that I get involved and do something about it.”

Jonathan says that he has learned a lot as a first-time candidate, including the challenges candidates face on the trail. “Now that I have stepped up I have a new level of respect for those that put themselves out there to run for public office.”

With the campaign season getting into full-swing, Jonathan intends to run his campaign as an example to others thinking about starting any venture… political or otherwise. “What I love about America is that you can start something from nothing, and I’m not afraid to fail.”

PoliticalBank believes that Jonathan’s background and experience puts him in a promising position to achieve success. Like his experience as an entrepreneur, we’ll watch as Jonathan puts the rubber to the road in Indiana’s Sixth Congressional District and, one hopes, all the way to Washington D.C.

Other Information about Jonathan:

Favorite TV Shows: The Simpsons and Seinfeld

Favorite Artist: Jimmy Buffett

Favorite Movie: Back to the Future Series