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March 27, 2016    
image_pdfimage_print is a nonpartisan website builder, policy portal, donation platform, and voting tool designed to help candidates connect with voters and win elections. The political process is antiquated and inefficient and relies on newspapers, pundits, smoke-filled rooms, and checkbooks. We offer a modern-day solution.

How It Works
In less than 10 minutes, candidates can have a sleek, customized campaign webpage capable of accepting donations and conveying positions on everything from ISIS to the potholes on Main Street. We offer a convenient solution for candidates to start building name ID and launch their campaign online.

For voters, we are a way to find politicians by keyword, name, demographic, location, or by “exploring issues” to discover those with whom they align ideologically.

Cost to Users
Voters and candidates pay nothing to create an account. Voters can suggest issues to candidates, support candidates’ positions, and subscribe to receive updates from various campaigns. Candidates can set up online donations through our seamlessly integrated platform, powered by Stripe, at a rate of 5.4% per transaction.

Special interest groups, associations, and candidates may “sponsor content” on PoliticalBank’s blog, “The Bank Teller,” starting at $2500. Content must advocate for a specific cause or ideological position.

The Use Case
Every two years, 1.1 million candidates and elected officials run for or hold elected office in the United States. Additionally, 78 other countries (and 3.3 billion people) also use democratic forms of government.

Having launched in the fall of 2015, with an eye on 2016, is poised to become an ecosystem for all categories of political stakeholders by 2019. The 2020 Presidential cycle will be the first year all 90 million Millennials will be of voting age – a bloc that will comprise 40% of the electorate and who will naturally seek an online arena to engage politically.

Adam H. Berry, Co-Founder / Market Development & Sales. Adam has more than eleven years of policy and political leadership experience. Most recently, he was a policy director and attorney in the Indiana Governor’s Office, where he concentrated on small business economic development policy and acted as liaison with more than 20 state agencies and the General Assembly. Adam’s political experience ranges from stuffing envelopes to managing campaigns.

Frank T. Short, Co-Founder / Business Development. Frank, a Democrat, has more than thirty years of political experience as former City-County Councilor and, currently, the elected Washington Township (Indy) Trustee. He is the founder of Indianapolis based government services firm Short Strategy Group.

Advisory Board. PoliticalBank’s bipartisan “Political Advisory Board” includes DNC Committeeman & Labor leader David A. Frye (D), former RNC Chief of Staff and Romney Convention Chair Anne F. Hathaway (R), RNC Committeeman John R. Hammond III (R), and (Fmr.) Obama State Chair Kipper V. Tew (D). All have extensive political leadership experience and will facilitate national company growth. Charlie Brandt, Managing Director of KSM Consulting, is PoliticalBank’s Principal Business Advisor.

For even more information, check-out our “About” page.

For a sample profile, check out our mock-up of 2016 Presidential Candidate Francis Underwood.

Email Adam Berry with additional questions or concerns: