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So it was told…

July 8, 2015    

At the time, Blake and I didn’t know each other well. My knowledge of him was limited to being an ExactTarget alum. But because of this, I shared my idea with Blake while setting up for Penrod in September 2014.  He liked it, but suggested I reach out to Michael Cloran at DeveloperTown.

In mid October, Michael and I met… after poking a few holes in the concept, Michael gave me the best advice to date: share my idea with as many (trusted) people as possible across the political spectrum, e.g., candidates, fundraisers, operatives, lobbyists, media, etc. Michael said, “if, after you do this, you still feel like you have something, then come back and see me.”

After talking with more than 40 folks, Michael and I met again on January 7, 2015, I went a different direction for UX/UI/development, but Michael still deserves a lot of credit for getting PoliticalBank off to a promising start.

Oh, and Blake and I have grown closer too. He also deserves credit for getting the concept where it is today.