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Politician Poll: Insight from those you’ll see on the ballot

October 7, 2016    

In the days following the first Presidential debate, teamed up with Opinion Savvy* to survey local, state, and federal candidates and elected officials (collectively, “Candidates”) across the country in the first ever “Candidate-only” political poll. Using our growing database of 2016 Candidates, Opinion Savvy ascertained “statistically significant” sentiments about this year’s Presidential election and other interesting issues of the day.

The question on everyone’s mind: “Who would win if the election was held today?”

According to our poll, Republican candidate Donald Trump is leading Democrat Hillary Clinton 46.4% to 44.1%, with Libertarian Gary Johnson (6.2%) in a distant third.** Interestingly, only 1.5% of Candidates are “Undecided,” which is lower than the general voting population according to recent polls.

According to our poll, roughly 22% of Democratic Candidates are voting for Donald Trump, and 22% of Republican Candidates are voting for Hillary Clinton. Where Trump is showing real strength is among “Independent/Other” Candidates, of whom 43% responded that they are voting for the New York businessman (Clinton 27.3%; Johnson 18.7%; Stein 9.5%). This number appears to affirm other national polls that reflect Trump leading with Independent voters.

When it comes to issues, “Jobs” is most important to Candidates’ voters regardless of what box they intend to check (55% of Clinton supporters, 41.7% of Trump supporters, and 66.1% of Johnson supporters). National Security is not nearly as important to Clinton supporters (12.3%) as it is Trump supporters (40.8%), which begs the question whether or not Republicans are naturally more concerned about national security or if this persuasion is being influenced by Trump.

Presidential partisanship aside, if you consider campaign finance laws dubious or otherwise inadequate…. you’re not alone. There is growing support for reform among our respondents: 57.9% “Strongly Approve” & 20.6% “Somewhat Approve” movements that promote financial transparency and mitigate the influence of private contributions in politics.

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If you are a candidate or if you are thinking about running for office, over 65% of the Candidates we polled find running a campaign “somewhat” or “very” difficult. The good news is that simplifies things. Grab your free account and see what we mean.

*Opinion Savvy is an Atlanta-based polling firm that focuses on delivering research using innovating methods of data collection. Bloomberg Politics ranked Opinion Savvy among the top three pollsters nationwide for 2016.

**Note: Republican Candidates outnumber all other other party affiliation types. As such, we surveyed more Republicans than Democrats, Libertarians, etc. However, the results were weighted for gender, region, and party affiliation using propensity scores. Weighting benchmarks were determined using U.S. census and other publicly available data.