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The Bank Teller

Guides, Tips, News, and Success Stories from Today’s Political Universe

State by State 2016 Primary and Caucus Schedule [Infographic]

February 29, 2016    

Some states have primaries, some have caucuses, some have one of each! Check out our infographic below to see how they all unfold leading up to Election Day this November. Want a printable version of the dates? We have you covered. So what’s PoliticalBank all about? We’re bringing the political process into the 21st century. Learn more.


February 24, 2016    

Did you know you can share a candidate’s PoliticalBank profile? Using the link just below a candidate’s “Volunteer” button, you can share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or email as an attachment. You can also share or email a candidate’s position using the link on the candidate’s Position Card. The “share feature” is useful for candidates […]

A 21st Century Solution for Voters and Candidates

February 8, 2016    

We’re only partway through the primary season for the 2016 presidential election, but this year’s race is already a roller coaster. While it’s no surprise that the presidential election garners a lot of attention – after all, the person in the Oval Office is one of the most powerful people in the world – we’re still […]

We’re in Soft Launch

September 3, 2015    

We’re ready! Candidates who want to create a profile page can either use the “Contact Us” form here, or email me directly at We will be in soft launch mode until this temporary landing page magically turns into the “real” on Wednesday, September 9th. Stay tuned folks…

Launch Schedule (Sept. 1 – Oct. 1)

August 30, 2015    

T-minus 10 days. On September 9, 2015, PoliticalBank will be live for the world to see. A more detailed timeline is as follows: Tuesday, September 2: Press Release Thursday, September 3: Soft Launch* Wednesday, September 9: Public Launch September 9-September 30: Promotional Period – free premium account for those who register Mid-September: Announement of our […]


August 23, 2015    

I’ve tried to do my homework. For 11 months, I’ve listened/watched as many podcasts as I could fit into my rides to/from work, grass mowing sessions, and morning jogs… highlighted by those featuring Chris Sacca, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Evan Williams, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Phillip Rosedale, T.W.I.S.T., etc. etc. I also read Zero to […]

One Week Review

August 7, 2015    

My day starts at 6:00 and ends between 11:30-Midnight. My lunch break is 15 minutes. The rest of my day is either work or daddy duty. It’s rough, but life as a policy director during the legislative session prepared me well. We’re less than a month from launch and there’s much to be done. My […]

Two Weeks Notice

July 18, 2015    

Yesterday (Friday), I did something for the first time…. turned in a “two weeks notice” at work. I guess it’s not that big’a deal but-for what it means to me, my family, and the future of PoliticalBank. Beginning Saturday, August 1, I’m a fulltime employee of PoliticalBank, LLC. A Saturday unlike any other, I imagine. […]

It’s all in a name

July 14, 2015    

I forget the first website name I pitched to Theresa, but I’m pretty sure it was “IssuePAC.” I liked the name CrowdPAC and tried to play off it. But, I agree with Theresa… IssuePAC is terrible. At least for our vision of the company. So what to name it… I played around on godaddy for […]

Batting 0.01

July 11, 2015    

Theresa and I met on the first day of law school orientation and got married six years later. During the life of our relationship, I’ve pitched to her approximately 100 ideas. Her typical response is either, “That’s already been invented.” or “No, that’s a terrible idea.” She’s a much better litigator than I ever could […]