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How Centaur Gaming Transcends Horse Race Politics

October 3, 2016    

— Content Sponsored by Centaur Gaming — Look, you’re going to hear a lot of rhetoric from Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and other politicians this fall. But good politicians turn rhetoric into action. When it comes to making a difference in folks’ everyday lives, words mean very little. It’s about doing. At Centaur, we don’t play […]

Amp It Up–Earned Media Basics

September 22, 2016    

Every campaign needs an earned media strategy—especially when funds are allocated at an alarming rate as Election Day draws near. A solid earned media campaign can help you maximize your visibility and reengage those faithful, but tired-of-rhetoric voters. All without shelling out the last crucial dollars of your war chest. Done properly and strategically, earned […]

Health and Welfare Check

September 13, 2016    

By now we have all witnessed the “wobble seen around the world” as Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, left the 9-11 commemorative event in New York City. Rumors have circulated for several weeks about her consistent cough on the campaign trail and social memes have had a field day with speculation on her physical health. […] In The News!

September 6, 2016    

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Presidential Scorecard, Part 2

August 8, 2016    

PoliticalBank is a nonpartisan organization, which means not only that we avoid taking sides, but also that we welcome every candidate from any political party to our platform. A few months ago, we used our own software – which is available to any candidate or elected official who wants to establish a free profile – […]

2016 Governor and Senate Races

July 25, 2016    

When you go to the polls this November, will you be voting on your state’s governor or a senator? Take a look at our map above! Here’s a breakdown and some more details: Both Governor & Senate – 9 Governor only – 3 Senate only – 24 Neither – 14 Congress Every even-numbered year, 88% of Congress […]

8 Ways to Participate in Politics

June 28, 2016    

“We the people…” begins our Constitution. The founding principles of the United States were based on citizens’ civic engagement. However, getting involved in our democracy takes time and energy, and hey, who doesn’t already have enough on their plates these days? Luckily, there’s a wide range of ways to participate in politics, from low to high effort. So […]

Presidential Candidate Google Image Results

June 19, 2016    

If you were Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders, would you choose the top picture or bottom picture above to represent your campaign? You may have heard about the recent controversy sparked by the Google image search for “three black teenagers” versus “three white teenagers.” The troubling results raise questions about racial bias in society, and whether […]

2016 Race for the White House by

Presidential Scorecard

May 2, 2016    

It’s finally here… a simple way to learn where the Presidential candidates stand on the issues. Consistent PoliticalBank’s philosophy, we are telling you what the candidates have said in their own words! No spin, no negativity… just their words – plain and simple. Using software that’s available to any candidate or elected official who wants […]

Meet Scott Willis – Candidate for Indiana’s State Senate

April 25, 2016    

PoliticalBank is all about people: those running for office and those they serve. In this series of blog posts, we’re highlighting the candidates on our platform, their campaigns, and their goals. Meet Scott Willis! He’s a challenger running for State Senate in Indiana’s 20th district. With Indiana’s primary coming up on May 3rd, we asked him a […]