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One Week To Go…

November 1, 2016    

With just seven days left…

Not as flamboyant, but easily more important…local elections and your participation.

We have been mesmerized by the national political stage. And for good reason—no one has ever seen anything like this presidential election. Ever.

Yes, selecting the next President of the United States is an important decision. It’s equally as important to think closer to home and help elect representatives in your city, county or state that will take your call.  According to Daily Kos, there are well over a half a million elected officials in America–roughly one in every 1,000 people is an elected official in some capacity.

Here are Political Bank’s top five reasons to stay focused on your local issues and elections.

  1. Public safety—A community’s first responders can easily be the difference between life and death.  Ensuring that there are well-trained and equipped police officers, paramedics and firefighters is paramount to quality of life and the success of a city. In a study conducted by the US Census Bureau, Surveys of State and Local government finances, Public safety spending (comprised of police, fire, and corrections) was dominated by local governments, with the exception of spending on corrections. Local governments comprised 86.8 percent of the state and local government total spending on police protection ($97.0 billion). Spending on fire protection was an entirely local government function ($42.4 billion). State government spending comprised 63.4 percent of state and local government spending on corrections ($72.6 billion).
  1. Infrastructure—Your community depends upon guidance from elected officials in the allocation of budget dollars for necessities—water, roads, sewage systems, utilities. Snow plows, road repair, bridge maintenance—all come with a price that your tax dollars fund. It’s important to know who is overseeing your local infrastructure and if they are qualified to be in their position.
  1. Education—Public education touches nearly everyone. With the vast differences in each community, challenges such as socio-economic factors, and benefits of a more populated tax base each bring a unique opportunity that can—and often does change entire lives. According to the US Census Bureau, education funding accounts for 35.5% budget expenditures for both state and local government agencies combined.
  1. Local taxes—Property owners of land, home, business and even licensed vehicles holders pay what we all love to hate—property taxes–a toll for your roads, education, safety and infrastructure.
  1. Civic duty—You have the right to participate in shaping your neighborhood, community, town, city or state with your vote. Remember the decisions made locally will impact the trends nationally with respect to budget management, education choices, and choices of the character of those you elect.  Now might be the time to fully see what your representative can do for you—especially If they might have their sights set on the national stage.

On November 9, the real running of America in rural areas to small towns to major metropolitan cities grinds on–unnoticed to a vast majority but working diligently behind the curtain. The American people and their representatives will roll up their sleeves and get back to work keeping our communities safe, our budgets in check, our children educated and those potholes filled.

So, this election, vote for the little guy, your own locally elected representatives. If you need a refresher on who your candidates are, look them up on PoliticalBank–there are 50,000 candidates profiled–you will find the information you need to make an informed choice. Sign up as a voter and start engaging candidates on what’s most important–the issues.