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Bobby Mayfield Commissioner

Meet Bobby Mayfield – Candidate for Commissioner in Georgia

April 22, 2016    

PoliticalBank is all about people: those running for office and those they serve. In this series of blog posts, we’re highlighting the candidates on our platform, their campaigns, and their goals.

Meet Bobby Mayfield! He is running for Commissioner in Lumpkin County of District 2 in Georgia. We asked him a few questions about what drives him.

Why are you running for Commissioner?
I am running for Commissioner to improve the lives of the citizens in my county. We need economic development and I think I can help to get it started.

How would you describe the people of Lumpkin County?
The people of Lumpkin County in District 2 are hard-working and proud people who have had to “make do” with too little for too long.

What issues are most important to you?
My number one issue is economic development. Our county has many needs from roads and bridges, to playing fields for our children, to a fair wage for our employees. With out current tax base, these issues have not been adequately addressed because the resources are simply not available. My goal is to change that and to expand our tax base so that the rising tide of prosperity will raise all ships so to speak.

What has been your most surprising campaign moment?
My most surprising moment was when a nice lady gave me an earful about Obamacare, the federal government, and the general lack of progress in Congress on a wide variety of topics. Once I explained to her that most of that was beyond the scope of what I am running for, she looked at me funny and said, “Well, dangit, I guess I will vote for you anyway. At least you ain’t lying to me!”

How can volunteers help with your campaign?
I believe in people power and grassroots organization. Volunteers can help the most by talking to their friends and neighbors and telling them about me. Word of mouth is a powerful medium.

You can learn more about Bobby’s run for Commissioner and donate to his campaign on his PoliticalBank profile. To fully participate in PoliticalBank’s platform, interact with candidates, and volunteer for their campaigns, sign up as a Voter today!