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It’s all in a name

July 14, 2015    

I forget the first website name I pitched to Theresa, but I’m pretty sure it was “IssuePAC.” I liked the name CrowdPAC and tried to play off it. But, I agree with Theresa… IssuePAC is terrible. At least for our vision of the company.

So what to name it… I played around on godaddy for at least two hours testing different domains. Ultimately, either nothing was available or nothing felt right. Then, one evening, Theresa was in the kitchen and I was watching TV with Louis (our 4 year-old miniture goldendoodle), and she hollers at me, “PoliticalBank!” I pop up and look at her… “That’s it!”

Interestingly, she was thinking “Bank” as in money. I thought “Bank” as in data bank. Either way it works, and here we are.