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“Hello World.” –

July 5, 2015    

As young Eldrick Woods said in August 1996, ‘I guess, hello world, huh?’ is less than sixty-days from launch. I just finalized this “landing page,” which will be replaced eventually with a site twelve months in the making. How do I feel? A little nervous… but very optimistic.

As a prelude to going live, I’ll use this forum to share PoliticalBank’s history and foreshadow its future. You’ll learn about its conception, its name, our team, our due dilligence process, as well as the ups, downs, and curveballs that have come our way.

For now, a little about me… Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana and currently live and work in Indianapolis. I’m a lawyer by trade, and for the next twenty-five days will be the Regulatory Policy Director & Special Counsel in the Office of Indiana Governor Mike Pence. I’m married and have a beautiful 15-month old daughter, Madeline.

So, you might ask, you have a great job and young family… why are you risking everything to start your own business?  The only answer I can give is that PoliticalBank must exist in this world… and I want to be the person who does it.

With that, on behalf of PoliticalBank I say, HELLO WORLD. This is going to be an exciting ride.