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Centaur Gaming Continues Its Race Ahead For Indiana

October 17, 2016    

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POP QUIZ: Why has Indiana’s agribusiness seen tremendous growth over the past 20 years?

ANSWER: In addition to Indiana being an awesome state that attracts businesses from every industry, agribusiness has been spurred by the HORSE RACING INDUSTRY, which runs wider and deeper than you might think. Let me explain…

In 1988, Hoosiers voted that gambling should be allowed in Indiana and farmers and breeders went right to work. In September 1994, the first horse race track opened in Anderson, and a second followed in Shelbyville a few years later.

With much foresight, our state legislators passed a law in 2007 to permit electronic gaming at the state’s two horse race tracks and required a share of casino taxes to subsidize prize purses for their races. This meant that Indiana could compete with older, more established horse racing programs in other states – namely the racing stalwart to our south.

Fast forward to the present, and Indiana’s horse racing industry is thriving, and Centaur Gaming is proud to be leading the charge!

Centaur Gaming is an Indiana-owned and operated company, with its headquarters in Indianapolis, and employs over 2,000 Hoosiers at Hoosier Park Racing & Casino in Anderson, Indiana Grand Racing & Casino in Shelbyville, and three additional off-track betting locations in Indiana including the Winner’s Circle Pub, Grille & OTB in downtown Indianapolis and Winner’s Circle OTB and VooDoo BBQ & Grill in New Haven/Fort Wayne. Our race track casinos were recently named the areas’ most popular attractions, with Hoosier Park Racing & Casino and Indiana Grand Racing & Casino welcoming more than 6 million visits each year.

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Led by chairman and CEO Rod Ratcliff and president and COO Jim Brown, Centaur Gaming has been making good on its 20-year company mission of bringing the economic and entertainment benefits of horse racing and casino gaming to communities throughout Indiana. A recent study on the impact of Indiana’s horse racing industry found that in addition to being responsible for the employment of more than 10,000 Hoosiers, horse racing’s benefits extend to all 92 Indiana counties and amount to upwards of $1 billion annually.

With Centaur Gaming as its bedrock, the horse racing industry is able to grow organically. For example, as more and more owners and trainers move to Indiana, they choose to buy goods and supplies from their Hoosier neighbors. “As Indiana horse racing continues to grow, so does the local economy. About 90% of the trainers at Indiana Grand buy their hay and feed locally here in Shelby County. And I see a lot of people coming to race in Indiana from neighboring states who are looking to build new horse farms here, which is a good thing and a sign that things are going great for Indiana horse racing,” says Ron Brown, an Indiana horse racing owner and trainer.

Giving Back

Like the video shows, Centaur Gaming encourages people to have fun. But we’re more than just a race track and casino company. We support efforts and numerous worthy causes in our host and surrounding communities throughout Indiana. Our employees maintain continual involvement in various community-related endeavors through volunteerism and service on local boards and organizations. The following is a glimpse at how we give back to the local and surrounding communities:

Centaur Community Impact Report (2014(

                                                                                                                                 Centaur Community Impact Report (2014)

At Centaur, we don’t play games when it comes to doing what’s right for Indiana and the people who live here. So, when you hear politicians talk about all the things they will do if you elect them, just remember that Centaur Gaming has already done it – and we will continue doing our part to make Indiana the best place in the country to live, work, raise a family and of course… race horses!

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