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June 10, 2019    

A quick reminder that TOMORROW we will be co-hosting a LIVE webinar on! Join us as we talk about our latest investment opportunity, hear from our founders AND answer your questions about our campaign! RSVP to the event here so you don’t forget!

Webinar is coming soon!

June 4, 2019    

We’re hosting a LIVE webinar with MicroVentures! Join us on Tuesday, June 11th at 12:00pm EST where you’ll get a chance to hear from our founders, learn more about our exciting investment opportunity and where we’re headed as a company! RSVP to the event here:

One-Stop-Shop Presence!

May 30, 2019    

“Even if you have a Facebook or Twitter account you NEED a one-stop-shop presence on Political Bank. You’ll have more exposure to the general public, voters get access to more information about you and, more importantly, access your social media accounts.” –  Suzanne Crouch, Indiana Lieutenant Governor Join us in getting more people like Suzanne […]

Thanks for helping me win my election!

May 24, 2019    

“Thank you Political Bank for helping me win my election! Your design team did an awesome job with both my digital ads and campaign mail. With your built-in digital tool, I delivered 31,000 ads to 4,600 voters during the final 72-hours of my campaign. I’m certain this effort resulted directly in the votes I needed […]

Candidates and Voters Rejoice!

May 21, 2019    

Have you ever thought about how many candidates are running for state and local government every two years? As a candidate, how are you supposed to stand out from the pack? As a voter, how do you make an educated decision?… Political Bank’s one-stop political ecosystem makes it easy for BOTH sides! Check out our […]

Why you should use PoliticalBank for your campaign

May 20, 2019    

“Your website has a great look and is easy to use. You offer candidates a campaign website that is simple to set-up and has all the features we need. My campaign was easier to run with PoliticalBank and it had an impact on my winning campaign. I recommend it to anyone running for office.” – […]

Why PoliticalBank is right for you!

May 18, 2019    

Our one-stop political ecosystem makes your political campaign accessible – regardless of technical know-how: -Free & easy campaign setup -Low-cost, built-in fundraising -Easy to navigate dashboard -Access to political professionals network And SOOO much more! Help us continue to bring your campaign platform a one-stop-shop solution by investing in our crowdfunding campaign!

PoliticalBank crowdfunding offering!

May 17, 2019    

PoliticalBank, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a private placement offering in accordance with Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg. CF) adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) through MicroVentures. This crowdfunding offering is selling Crowd Notes to raise maximum offering proceeds of $107,000 with a minimum investment of $100. This offering ends on […]

Cartoon image titled "Compromise" with Trump building a border wall with beautiful glass revolving door, above which is a name plate that says "Democrats"

Practical Solution to the Federal Shutdown: “A Big Beautiful ‘Door'”

January 23, 2019    

It’s obvious to even the most casual political observer: the current federal shutdown is about politics. During the 2016 campaign, Donald Trump promised a wall. If no wall is built (or construction started) by 2020, then he’ll lose reelection in a landslide.  Hence why the Democrats are unwilling to concede and end the shutdown. Here’s […]

Why One Awesome Candidate Lost Her Election in Marion County, Indiana

December 2, 2018    

Campaigns are a funny thing. There’s really no way to tell how you’re doing until election day with polling being potentially less reliable than it once was. Furthermore, the dichotomy of elections could not be more conspicuous: either a candidate loses or she wins. The question that every candidate, campaign manager, or supporter asks after […]