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2017 Election Schedule

February 27, 2017    

For those of you who thought 2017 was an “off” election year, think again. Elections are scheduled in forty-five states. Mostly, these are local or municipal elections in villages, towns, boroughs, and cities. However, Virginia and New Jersey are holding regularly-scheduled gubernatorial and state legislative elections, and – to date – seven state legislative seats […]

2016 Governor and Senate Races

July 25, 2016    

When you go to the polls this November, will you be voting on your state’s governor or a senator? Take a look at our map above! Here’s a breakdown and some more details: Both Governor & Senate – 9 Governor only – 3 Senate only – 24 Neither – 14 Congress Every even-numbered year, 88% of Congress […]

8 Ways to Participate in Politics

June 28, 2016    

“We the people…” begins our Constitution. The founding principles of the United States were based on citizens’ civic engagement. However, getting involved in our democracy takes time and energy, and hey, who doesn’t already have enough on their plates these days? Luckily, there’s a wide range of ways to participate in politics, from low to high effort. So […]

Presidential Candidate Google Image Results

June 19, 2016    

If you were Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Bernie Sanders, would you choose the top picture or bottom picture above to represent your campaign? You may have heard about the recent controversy sparked by the Google image search for “three black teenagers” versus “three white teenagers.” The troubling results raise questions about racial bias in society, and whether […]

2016 Race for the White House by

Presidential Scorecard

May 2, 2016    

It’s finally here… a simple way to learn where the Presidential candidates stand on the issues. Consistent PoliticalBank’s philosophy, we are telling you what the candidates have said in their own words! No spin, no negativity… just their words – plain and simple. Using software that’s available to any candidate or elected official who wants […]

Sound off! The State of Politics Today

April 12, 2016    

We’ve been asking fans and followers what they think about the state of politics today. As a nonpartisan organization, it has been really fascinating for us to hear the different points of view, we’re excited about this dialogue. There already seem to be some themes in the feedback we’ve received. So, penny for your thoughts? Tell us […]

Filing Deadlines for Major Party State & Local Candidates

March 22, 2016    

Want to run for office? Don’t forget to file! Check out our infographic below for a state-by-state rundown of the Republican and Democrat parties’ filing deadlines. Please note they may vary for some towns or municipalities. Want a PDF version of the dates? We have you covered. So what’s PoliticalBank all about? We’re bringing the political process into […]

3 Tips for Raising Your Candidate’s Name ID

March 10, 2016    

Guest Post by Joe Garecht from Local Victory: One of the key goals of any political campaign is to raise the candidate’s “name ID.” This means making sure that as many of the voters in the district as possible know the name of the candidate and the office he or she is running for. It’s […]

State by State 2016 Primary and Caucus Schedule [Infographic]

February 29, 2016    

Some states have primaries, some have caucuses, some have one of each! Check out our infographic below to see how they all unfold leading up to Election Day this November. Want a printable version of the dates? We have you covered. So what’s PoliticalBank all about? We’re bringing the political process into the 21st century. Learn more.

A 21st Century Solution for Voters and Candidates

February 8, 2016    

We’re only partway through the primary season for the 2016 presidential election, but this year’s race is already a roller coaster. While it’s no surprise that the presidential election garners a lot of attention – after all, the person in the Oval Office is one of the most powerful people in the world – we’re still […]