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A 21st Century Solution for Voters and Candidates

February 8, 2016    

We’re only partway through the primary season for the 2016 presidential election, but this year’s race is already a roller coaster. While it’s no surprise that the presidential election garners a lot of attention – after all, the person in the Oval Office is one of the most powerful people in the world – we’re still talking about just one person. It’s easy to forget about all the others we’ll vote for come this November, the ones who represent us at precinct, city, county, district, and state levels. In fact, from school boards to state legislatures, there are over half a million elected officials in our country, and all of them work a lot closer to home than the POTUS.

Photo by Stephanie Rivera

So why is it then, thinking back to the last Election Day in which you participated, you didn’t recognize every name on the ballot facing you? If you went out of your way to be an informed citizen prior to voting, looking up the candidates’ experience and stances on the issues, we applaud you. Approximately 50% of voters consider themselves “informed.” However, we suspect you still didn’t have all the answers you needed – or the time necessary to form opinions – to feel confident about every single mark you made on that ballot.

And that’s not your fault. The truth of the matter is, it’s incredibly difficult as a voter to stay informed about everything at all times, even in this age where information is at our fingertips. With campaign ads, polls, news articles and tweets bombarding us during every waking moment, deciphering where candidates stand on the important issues is nearly impossible, and it’s so easy to slip into apathy or cynicism. Well, we were frustrated about that, so we created We’re an efficient, centralized way for voters to cut through the noise and seek out politicians’ philosophies.

If you’re an elected official or a candidate, cutting through the noise is difficult too, even for aspiring presidents. How do you not only reach registered voters, but also clearly express to them your ideology? Even if you built a website or gained traction on Facebook, you still have to stave off being defined by your opponents… or the media. We aimed to solve that problem, and it was through decades of experience in politics and listening to hundreds of candidates that we built PoliticalBank: an easy-to-use interactive platform for candidates to communicate transparently with voters, raise money, and increase their chances of winning elections. We’re the only resource you need for fundraising and moving your campaign forward.

If you’re a political junkie like we are, it’s fun to follow the presidential race, but let’s not neglect all the other decisions we have to make this upcoming Election Day for offices at all levels of government. The status quo of our current system is undeniably antiquated, but you can help us bring politics into the 21st century. Sign up as a Voter or Candidate today!