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3 Tips for Raising Your Candidate’s Name ID

March 10, 2016    

Guest Post by Joe Garecht from Local Victory:

One of the key goals of any political campaign is to raise the candidate’s “name ID.” This means making sure that as many of the voters in the district as possible know the name of the candidate and the office he or she is running for. It’s impossible to get elected if the voters in your district don’t know who you are.

Here are three surefire tips for raising your candidate’s name ID to help you win your campaign:

#1 – Be Repetitive

The most important thing you can do in order to raise your candidate’s name ID is to repeat your candidate’s name (and the office he or she is running for) as often as possible. Make sure that everything your campaign does, including online and offline activities, direct mail, TV ads, campaign literature, etc. constantly repeats the candidate’s name.

How do you know that you’re doing it the right way? Your campaign materials should be repeating the candidate’s name so often that your volunteers and junior staff members start to wonder whether or not you are saying the candidate’s name too much. Smart campaigns find ways to include the candidate’s name 4-6 times, or more, in a 30 second radio spot. Likewise, campaign e-mails should include the candidate’s name in every paragraph.

The more you get the candidate’s name out in front of the voters, the more likely they are to vote for the candidate on Election Day.

#2 – Be Consistent

Another key for increasing your candidate’s name ID is to make sure you are consistent in how you talk about him or her. I’ve seen lots of campaigns refer to “Mike Smith for Town Council” in their lit pieces, “Michael Smith for Town Council” online, and “Michael R. Smith for Councilor” in their TV ads. This is a big mistake and tends to confuse voters.

Be consistent. It’s hard enough to break through the clutter to get voters to remember your candidate’s name. While you might think it is easy to see the connection between “Mike Smith” and “Michael R. Smith,” remember that your voters are busy… they have jobs, families, and social activities, and aren’t as tuned in to the campaign as you are. Make it easy for them by referring to the candidate and the office he or she is seeking the same way each and every time.

#3 – Be Everywhere

The third and final key for raising your candidate’s name ID is to make sure that your campaign is everywhere, meaning that you are communicating with your voters through as many different mediums as your campaign budget will allow.

Your voters should hear your candidate’s name on their radio, see it online, read about it in snail mail letters, see it on billboards, etc. The more times you can put your candidate’s name in front of the voters in your district, the more likely they are to remember your candidate when they go into the voting booth.

Joe Garecht is a political consultant, author, and the founder of Local Victory, which offers free articles and information on how to win your next election. Check it out at

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