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Month: May 2018 - The Bank Teller

PoliticalBank CEO Candidly Reflects on Collision Conference

PoliticalBank CEO Candidly Reflects on Collision Conference

Attendees of the Collision Conference, held in New Orleans in May, returned home feeling energized and inspired – and it’s easy to understand why. The conference is known for putting industry experts, investors, media, and startups together in one location and was dubbed “America’s fastest growing conference” by Forbes. PoliticalBank CEO Adam Berry was among those who left the Big Easy with not only a renewed energy but also with a stronger sense of purpose.

PoliticalBank qualified as an ALPHA startup with the opportunity to compete as one of 70 startups in Collision Conference’s PITCH, a competition where early stage startups compete for the chance to present on Center Stage. As a first time-attendee, this opportunity felt like THE opportunity for PoliticalBank, leading Berry to spend the majority of his time before the event preparing for his three minutes in the spotlight. Looking back, Berry says that PITCH “was such a small part of the entire three days.”

Berry says that events like Collision Conference are what you make of them. “Looking back, it’s clear the point of Collision was to bring everyone together in one place and allow the ecosystem to sort itself out. Other conferences we’ve attended, like Startup Grind, facilitate meetings in advance rather than leaving it completely up-to the participants,” he says. He adds that one of the lessons he learned was to spend more time reaching out to other attendees beforehand to set up networking opportunities regardless of the event itself.

But connections were still made. Upon returning to PoliticalBank’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Berry has been working nonstop following up with potential investors, potential acquirers, product partners, and people involved in the political industry. He says he was able to make meaningful connections with people who could potentially help PoliticalBank enter its next phase of growth – an opportunity the organization might not have received elsewhere.

And, an unexpected perk of this year’s conference? It’s location. While in New Orleans, Berry was able to leverage the conference’s geography to connect with a Florida-based investor whom he had been in contact with for six months. “While it wasn’t necessarily a direct output of the conference, leveraging the opportunities it offered – including geography – was huge. We are now working on building an exciting opportunity with this investor and being able to finally meet face-to-face was exactly what we needed to move forward,” he says.

Candidly, Berry shares that Collision Conference will be remembered as a turning point for PoliticalBank. “From a leadership perspective and a personal growth standpoint as a CEO, Collision Conference gave me an enormous amount of confidence. It gave me the confidence that we’re on the right track and helped me become a better leader for the company. I will now be able to take the feedback from industry leaders all over the world and position us for the next phase of growth – that is invaluable,” he says.

Testimonial: Winning With Political Bank

Fred Glynn – 2018 candidate for Hamilton County Council

“Thank you Political Bank for helping me win my election! Your design team did an awesome job with both my digital ads and campaign mail. With your built-in digital tool, I delivered 31,000 ads to 4,600 voters during the final 72-hours of my campaign. I’m certain this effort resulted directly in the votes I needed to win.

Given that my opponent had more money, I turned to Political Bank because I needed to maximize every dollar in strategic, sophisticated ways. You allowed me to target core voters and make sure they received my message.

In additional to digital, I received tremendous feedback on my mail pieces. Political Bank offers the perfect combination of political IQ and creativity – which helps candidates, like myself, transform a vision into a professional and persuasive message.

I recommend any candidate looking for affordable, quality campaign support to contact Political Bank. There’s no question that Political Bank will be part of my reelection team!”

Political Bank’s “hands-on” consulting services are available to a limited number of candidates each election cycle. We recognize that many local candidates need a little extra help, yet cannot afford to hire high-priced consultants who typically work only with statewide or federal candidates. Pricing starts at $500 per month for which you receive an on-call, experienced professional who can help with mail design, GOTV and digital strategy. Contact Political Bank support at 317-620-1484 for more information.

Mail by Political Bank

Fred’s Mail Piece #1 (Front); Designed by

Mail by Political Bank

Fred’s Mail Piece #1 (Back); Designed by