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2017 Election Schedule

February 27, 2017    

For those of you who thought 2017 was an “off” election year, think again. Elections are scheduled in forty-five states. Mostly, these are local or municipal elections in villages, towns, boroughs, and cities. However, Virginia and New Jersey are holding regularly-scheduled gubernatorial and state legislative elections, and – to date – seven state legislative seats have been filled through “special” elections and another twenty-one elections (not including runoffs) are scheduled in twelve states.

The electorate must pay special attention to election dates as they vary by office and municipality – even within the same state. Florida is probably the best example, with elections ranging from January to December. Idaho has three primary days, March 14, May 16 and August 29, covering a variety of races including school boards, mayoral and municipal elections.

Candidates intending to run for office have similar confusing waters to navigate. For example, there are three filing deadlines in New Mexico depending on the office one intends to seek. At first glance, the Georgia’s 2017 filing process appears fairly straightforward, according to the calendar posted on Georgia’s Secretary of State website. Georgia’s filing – or “qualifying” – period for municipal, nonpartisan candidates is August 21-25, 2017 (with a September 1 deadline for “write-in” candidates). However, according to state statute, each municipal election official designates independently the respective qualifying period, “which shall be no less than three days and no more than five days” during the range listed above.

PoliticalBank’s 2017 calendar can be a resource for the electorate and candidates curious about upcoming elections. While we update the calendar regularly, candidates and voters should check with their local election official to be sure a deadline does not come and go.

The 2017 elections may not be the dominant news story of the year; but the candidates elected comprise the backbone of civic government. Decisions made at the local level affect directly residents’ quality of life. This is where we come in; candidates and voters alike are invited to use as a resource to improve transparency and make informed decisions at the local level.

We do the heavy lifting. If you’re a candidate, search your name, claim your profile and spread your message. If you don’t find your profile, create one. Voters can search for candidates by name, demographic, location or issue. Suggest issues to candidates to see where they stand.

PoliticalBank understands the methodology for candidates getting elected to political office is broken. But, we’re dedicated to improving the process for everyone who cares about making a difference in her or his community.