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Month: August 2015 - The Bank Teller

Launch Schedule (Sept. 1 – Oct. 1)

T-minus 10 days. On September 9, 2015, PoliticalBank will be live for the world to see. A more detailed timeline is as follows:

Tuesday, September 2: Press Release

Thursday, September 3: Soft Launch*

Wednesday, September 9: Public Launch

September 9-September 30: Promotional Period – free premium account for those who register

Mid-September: Announement of our five-member Advisory Board

October 1: Freemium MVP** – candidates will have the option either to register a free PoliticalBank profile or purchase a six-month premium account at our low introductory rate.***

*On the morning of September 3, I will post on this Founder’s Blog the “side door” URL for those who want to create a profile in advance of the public launch.

**”Minimally Viable Product” – business lingo for Version 1 of a product or startup

***The major difference between a “Free” and “Premium” account is that candidates must have a premium account to accept contributions.

It’s getting exciting folks… hang on to your [skimmer] hats.


I’ve tried to do my homework. For 11 months, I’ve listened/watched as many podcasts as I could fit into my rides to/from work, grass mowing sessions, and morning jogs… highlighted by those featuring Chris Sacca, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Evan Williams, Kevin Rose, Tim Ferriss, Phillip Rosedale, T.W.I.S.T., etc. etc. I also read Zero to One, Inventing the Future, and just started Welch’s Winning (book on tape).

Though, some of my most memorable and entertaining takeaways are from the podcast StartUp (Gimlet Media). Two days ago, Friday, I gave an investment pitch to a family friend in Evansville, my hometown. Not a great result. I’m confident my pitch was decent – far better than Alex’s in Season 1, Episode 1 – but I didn’t connect. I got the “it’s not you, it’s me” rejection. Fortunately, I landed an investor while home – somewhat unexepectedly – so the trip turned out okay.

My point is, thank you Alex Blumberg…. and other founders who teach persistence in the first person. You’ve helped Friday feel like a small bump rather than getting dumped by my highschool girlfriend.

One Week Review

My day starts at 6:00 and ends between 11:30-Midnight. My lunch break is 15 minutes. The rest of my day is either work or daddy duty. It’s rough, but life as a policy director during the legislative session prepared me well.

We’re less than a month from launch and there’s much to be done. My development team entered their final “development sprint” yesterday and everything is on time and on budget. A little about our team…

In February, I hired KSM Consulting to perform the market analysis and otherwise validate the concept. This required KSMC to retain Exacta,who built the prototype and did the design work. In April, I stayed with KSMC to oversee the entire design and development process, which is when Connect Think teamed-up with Exacta to bring our baby to life.

Except for one significant hangup along the way, I’m extremely pleased with the work and project management by Team PoliticalBank. Hopefully this will be a portfolio builder for all involved.