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Social Media Tips for Political Candidates

December 14, 2017    

Social media strategies aren’t always intuitive to develop. Because of this, some political candidates overlook social media as a powerful tool for their campaign. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some ideas to help kick-start your online presence: Don’t Neglect Your Younger Audience It should come as no surprise that there’s a ton of young […]

We’re Watching Women on this Election Day

November 7, 2017    

Much of today’s election news will be about the Gubernatorial Elections in New Jersey and Virginia. However, elections are being held in 31 other states. More than 99% of elections this year are “local.” Similar to our previous post, we thought we’d take a closer look at who is running – specifically, the women in […]

4 Things You Need to Know Before Running for Office

October 10, 2017    

When you finally decide to run for office, the excitement surrounding it can make you overlook the preparation needed for it. If you think you have what it takes to be a politician, these tips should help shed light on what you need to know before your campaign begins. Practice Your Public Speaking Compelling speakers […] selected to present to Steve Case in the ‘Rise of the Rest’ pitch competition for a $100,000 Investment

September 14, 2017    

Today, D.C. based investment firm Revolution announced that PoliticalBank was selected as a finalist for the Indianapolis stop of the Rise of the Rest 6.0 Pitch Competition. On October 12, PoliticalBank’s CEO Adam Berry will present to the Chairman & CEO of Revolution, Steve Case, for the chance to receive $100,000 in capital investment. Case […]

A Closer Look at 2016 Local, State, and Federal Elections

August 31, 2017    

The 2016 General Election was unique in many ways. The Democrats nominated a candidate with a history of winning elections and who was favored in almost every poll leading-up to election day. Yet it was the Republican candidate, Eric Holcomb, who prevailed rather convincingly over former Indiana Speaker John Gregg to become Indiana’s 51st and […]

What is Net Neutrality?

July 12, 2017    

You’ve probably heard the term floating around recently, especially with today’s protests, but what exactly is “Net Neutrality”? Otherwise known as “open internet”, Net Neutrality is the idea that internet service providers should give its customers equal access to all content online. This means that no content would be given favorable speed, or conversely, no […]

2017 Election Schedule

February 27, 2017    

For those of you who thought 2017 was an “off” election year, think again. Elections are scheduled in forty-five states. Mostly, these are local or municipal elections in villages, towns, boroughs, and cities. However, Virginia and New Jersey are holding regularly-scheduled gubernatorial and state legislative elections, and – to date – seven state legislative seats […]

Startup Grind Global Conference

Startup Grind Global Conference (Powered by Google) – Selected as Top 50 “Showcase Company”

February 16, 2017    

On behalf of PoliticalBank, I couldn’t be more excited to announce our induction into the “2017 Class of Startup Exhibitioners” for the Startup Grind Global Conference  taking place next week in Redwood City, California. Event coordinators anticipate more than 5,000 founders and investors, more than 40 keynote and fireside sessions, and 100 exhibiting startups, making […]

US in the USA

November 9, 2016    

Dear Mr. Trump & Governor Pence, Congratulations! You are the President-elect and Vice President-elect. We understand this required a lot of money, time, and sacrifice to accomplish. However, please understand that as I write this post more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine than for you – 164,741 to be exact. This means […]

The Race Isn’t Over on November 9th

November 5, 2016    

— Content Sponsored by Centaur Gaming — Here’s the difference between Centaur Gaming and your average candidate: We understand that November 9th, the day after the election, is no time to relax, take a vacation, or gloat in the thrill of victory. No, no, no…. rather, it’s the day we roll up our sleeves and begin […]